NEWS: How public markets can unlock emerging and frontier market opportunities

The UK Government’s pioneering MOBILIST programme aims to mobilise institutional capital for emerging and frontier economies through listed product structures. The programme provides anchor capital for innovative listed structures and strategies, offers technical assistance to bring products to market, and funds policy and research activities.

Lion’s Head Global Partners serves as Research Lead under the MOBILIST programme. In this capacity, our Chairman Christopher Egerton-Warburton, will be moderating a panel discussion on public markets’ potential for emerging and frontier economies at 13.00-14.30 (BST/GMT+1) on 27 September 2022.

Drawing lessons and insights from MOBILIST’s research, portfolio and pipeline, this event will showcase public market strategies and structures connecting global investors to emerging and frontier economy issuers. The event brings together investors and development finance professionals with unique vantage points on public markets and issuers with varied capital raising strategies at different stages in the listing process.

The event will draw on the panel’s combined experience to discuss:

  • The role of public markets in investors’ emerging and frontier portfolios and strategies;
  • The benefits and drawbacks of specific listed product structures and strategies employed by emerging and frontier market issuers to raise capital;
  • How development finance actors can partner with public market participants; and
  • Issuers’ first-hand experience of the listing and capital raising process.


‘Confirmed speakers include:

  • Cesar Sanches, Head of Sustainability, B3, The Brazilian Stock Exchange, who will set the event's agenda by providing opening remarks.
  • Monique Mathys-Graaff, CFA, Senior Director, Head of Sustainability Solutions, Willis Towers Watson Investments, who will examine current regulatory and market environments to identify challenges for institutional allocators today and, looking to the future, highlight areas of opportunity for mobilising institutional capital.
  • Michael Sieg, CEO and Founder, ThomasLloyd Group, who will walk participants through the ThomasLloyd Energy Impact Trust team's decision to list on the London Stock Exchange and use an investment trust as their investment vehicle.
  • Tim Streeter, Head of Investor Relations, Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) LTD., who will discuss how the MOBILIST programme shaped PIDG's thinking on mobilising institutional capital.
  • Tavraj Banga, Principal, Investment Team, Helios Investment Partners, who will explain why listing is part of the CLEAR Fund's strategy and how the team will evaluate prospective structures and exchanges.’

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