NEWS: Jordan issues $650 million of Eurobonds at 7.75%, oversubscribed more than three times

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan issued on Wednesday 8th June $650 million of Eurobonds at 7.75% that were oversubscribed more than three times. Central Bank Governor Adel al-Sharkas said the high demand was testimony to strong investor confidence in the country's fiscal and monetary stability. The issuance comes shortly after an International Monetary Fund mission ended last month a successful fourth review of an original $1.3 billion Extended Fund Facility programme, saying the kingdom had met most of the fiscal and monetary targets since the programme began in March 2020.The IMF praised the authorities for closing tax loopholes and widening the tax base and maintaining healthy foreign currency reserves. Lion's Head Global Partners is serving as Financial Advisor to the Kingdom.

Written by
Christopher Egerton-Warburton
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