PRESS: Increasing Affordable Electricity Supply in Nigeria through Embedded Generation  

Enabling energy developers in Nigeria to provide improved electricity services through renewable embedded generation

On September 15, 2022, RMI and Lion's Head Global Partners (LHGP) published a report on the Renewable Embedded Generation business model, which will enable energy developers in Nigeria to deliver improved electricity services, attracting new investment opportunities for financiers.

The study shows how electricity distribution companies (DisCos), and energy developers can avoid electricity shortages common on the country’s national grid. If implemented, the renewable embedded generation (REG) business model not only enables customers to receive reliable services and reduce costs but would also replace noisy and polluting diesel generators.

In the REG business model, an embedded generation plant that combines solar PV, battery storage, and thermal generation interconnects to a DisCo’s distribution network and increases electricity supply for customers within a cluster.

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Olamide Edun
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