NEWS: DIVOC Labs secures NABL certification and ICMR permission to offer C-19 testing

On 18 September, Indian specialist diagnostic company, DIVOC Laboratories (DIVOC) received NABL certifications and ICMR permission to offer COVID-19 testing in their labs, and is one of the few laboratories in India that has been able to secure NABL accreditation. They are actively looking for partnerships with collection centres. Lion’s Head Global Partners provided advisory services for the establishment of DIVOC as part of its COVID-19 action plan and will provide ongoing financing services to support the import of new diagnostic tools to the Indian market.

DIVOC is currently working with the British company genedrive plc to secure regulatory approval of its RT-PCR Covid test for India. On 23rd September DIVOC entered an agreement with Atomo Diagnostics Limited of Australia to seek regulatory approval of their AtomoRapidTM COVID-19 antibody test. Both Genedrive and Atomo are investees of the Global Health Investment Fund which was established by Lion’s Head in 2012, and demonstrates the firm’s commitment to maintaining longstanding relationships with the companies that it has supported in the past.

Globally, India is currently experiencing the highest rate of daily infections, with the 7-day average currently exceeding 90,000 daily cases. Since the onset of COVID-19, India has recorded c.5.5m infections.

Written by
Christopher Egerton-Warburton
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