NEWS: Congratulations to Angola on a successful return to the international capital markets

The Republic of Angola has successfully issued a new 10-year US$1.75bn 8.75% Eurobond coupled with a strategic Liability Management exercise in which it partially repurchased  short-dated, high coupon Eurobonds (Angola 9.5% 2025) via a tender offer. 

This transaction represents Angola’s successful return to the Eurobond market after over 2 years of absence and ties as the largest ever Eurobond issuance of the Republic

This transaction has highlighted the outstanding interest in Angola’s credit in spite of increased market volatility, with an orderbook reaching a peak of US$4bn from over 190 investors, representing a 2.3x oversubscription rate.

Lion's Head Global Partners acts as the international financial advisor for the Republic of Angola.

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