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Lion's Head Group

Established in 2008, Lion’s Head is an investment bank and asset manager operating across frontier and emerging markets. We provide tailored and innovative financial solutions by leveraging our global relationships and networks, and local market understanding, to deliver the best financial solutions to our client's diverse challenges.

With offices in London, Nairobi, New York, Lagos, Dubai and Amsterdam, our diverse and dynamic team of over 70 finance professionals provide deep sectoral expertise, a broad product offering and the ability to leverage the synergies between our corporate finance, asset management and advisory activities.  

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Our long-term success is built on an unwavering commitment to addressing global socio-economic and environmental challenges through the development of financial markets. Our culture puts clients first, delivers outstanding products and services, and upholds the highest professional standards. Please see here for our ethical investing and disclosure policies.

Our firm has two principal subsidiaries: LHGP Asset Management and Lion’s Head Global Partners

“Funds managed by LHGP Asset Management follow strict ESG criteria, exclusions and client protection principals are detailed on the fund's individual websites. For EU-domiciled funds, our Dutch entity, LHNL AM B.V. acts as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), and as such is required to comply with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (Regulation 2019/2088) (the “SFDR”), including to make certain entity-level disclosures on its website, which can be found here

Lion’s Head Global Partners:

We provide financial advice and raise capital

Lion’s Head designs innovative and solution-driven financing structures in multiple sectors, and raises capital across emerging markets. We have recognised expertise in the development and implementation of new fund structures and investment platforms. Services include transaction structuring for debt and equity in the public and private sectors, fund structuring, sovereign advisory, capital raising, bond issuance, market scoping and investment evaluations.
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Service Offerings

Through our family of funds and our network of partners and clients, we are proud to be able to offer out expertise in the the following areas:

Sovereign Advisory
Real Estate & Housing
Industry & Resources
Energy & Infrastructure
Development & Impact Finance
Climate Finance

Our KPI's







LHGP Asset Management

We manage four pioneering funds with US$600 AUM

Lion’s Head Group is an active investor and fund manager. We are the authorised manager of four pioneering funds including (1) the African Local Currency Bond Fund (ALCBF), a ground-breaking investment vehicle established to support local currency capital markets, (2) Off Grid Energy Access Fund (OGEF) and the Facility for Energy Inclusion (FEI) which support companies who provide a range of renewable energy solutions such as solar home systems, mini-grids, C&I and IPP up to 25 MW and (3) Africa GoGreen (AGG) which supports companies who combat climate change by reducing the use of fossil fuels through new technologies and increased operating efficiency. LHGP Asset Management now have over US$600 million of assets under management with investments in 27 African countries, giving us unique insights into the African continent.
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Our Funds

Lion's Head Global Partners have conceived the following funds focused on frontier and emerging markets along with our strategic partnerships.

African Local Currency Bond Fund

The African Local Currency Bond Fund (ALCBF) was conceived by KfW to address the current underdevelopment of local currency bond markets in Africa. The fund focuses on improving access to long-term funding in local currency, strengthening the capacity of local markets, and creating opportunities for local investors by acting as an anchor investor. The ALCBF also provides technical assistance for local currency bond issuances by financial service providers and companies operating in developmental sectors. To date, the fund has invested over $250m in over 45 companies across 19 African countries in sectors such as financial inclusion, agriculture, housing and renewable energy sectors.

Off-Grid Energy Access Fund

The Facility for Energy Inclusion’s Off-Grid Energy Access Fund (OGEF) has been structured by Lion’s Head in partnership with the African Development Bank and Nordic Development Fund. OGEF offers a flexible, pragmatic and context driven approach to transaction structuring, provides local currency options to reduce risk for borrowers and their customers, and help create lasting local capital markets participation in the sector. As with the ALCBF, OGEF also provides technical assistance to companies to support market development. OGEF, with a target size of $100-150m, raised $58m at first close in August 2018, and is now actively investing.

The Facility for Energy Inclusion

The Facility for Energy Inclusion has been particularly designed to support small-scale Independent Power Producers (IPPs), mini-grids and captive power projects by providing various debt products, including corporate and project loans, construction/bridge loans and mezzanine finance, in both hard and local currencies. Focusing on smaller facility it envisages bringing electricity to smaller countries or regions that are not adequately serviced by the main grid. Eligible investments are projects using renewable energy technology with capital expenditures of less than US$ 30 million and a capacity below 25MW.

AfricaGoGreen Fund

The AfricaGoGreen Fund (AGG) was initiated by KfW to promote private investments which mitigate or reduce the emission of Green House Gases (GHG). The fund seeks to encourage the transition to less carbon intensive economic development by providing medium and long-term debt, mezzanine financing, and technical assistance to corporate and industrial entities, local financial institutions and ‘Partner Institutions’ which are developing and/or investing in eligible Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy projects. The AGG has been launched with €32 million and a Technical Assistance Facility of €3million and anticipates growing to €150 million in the next 18 months and will focus particularly on Compact with Africa countries in West Africa.

Please see our AGG SFDR disclosures here

Asset Management
E3 Capital

Clients & Partners

We are always stronger when we collaborate. We have worked with a handpicked selection of some of the finest names in the financial industry whose goals and ethics clearly align with our own. Our shared expertise have ensured a strong track record of successful investments and maximised the positivity of each investments impact.

AP Moller
Africa 50
Africa Green Co
African Development Bank
African Export-Import Bank
Alios Finance
Angolan DMO
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bio Carbon Fund
CDC Investment Works
Catalyst Investment Management
Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
Climate Investor One
Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations
Cote d’Ivorian Government
Department for International Development
Development Bank of Rwanda
East Africa Community
East Africa Exchange
European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
FSD Africa
Farm Africa
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
Fundo Soberano
Gatsby Partners
Gavi Matching
Genesis Energy
Global Green Growth Institute
Global Health Investment Fund
Global Investment Fund for Water
Global Partners for Education
Grand Challenges Canada
Green Investment Bank
In 2 Care
International Housing Solutions
Ken Gen
Kenya Bankers Association
Kenya Climate Innovation Center
Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company (KMRC)
Kenya National Treasury
Kenya Pooled Water Fund
Kenya Roads Board
Kenya Wildlife
Kilimo Salama
Lusaka Water
Nakuru Waste
Nama Facility
National Rail
New Forests
Nigerian Diaspora
ORA Group
Oserian Two Lakes
PCI Group
PEG Ghana
Power of Nutrition Fund
Rack Centre
Rift Valley
Rotan Energy
SA Taxi
Safe Water Network
Shire Oak International
South African Reserve Bank
Southern African Development Community
Tanzanian Ministry of Industry
Team Fund