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A leading investment bank bringing innovative financial solutions to emerging and frontier markets

We help our clients meet their strategic and financial objectives across a spectrum of financial services and market building initiatives

We raise institutional funds to invest in frontier and emerging markets to unlock their full socio-economic potential and support sustainable and inclusive growth

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Lion's Head Global Partners

Established in 2008, Lion’s Head is an Investment Bank operating across frontier and emerging markets globally with two principal subsidiaries: LHGP Asset Management, which carries out investment management activities, and Lion’s Head Global Partners, which focuses on financial advisory and capital raising services. We provide tailored and innovative financial solutions across multiple sectors, leveraging our global relationships and networks, and local market understanding, to deliver the best financial solutions to our client's diverse challenges.

With offices in London, Nairobi, Lagos, New York and Dubai, and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), our diverse and dynamic team of over 50 finance professionals provide deep sectoral expertise, a broad product offering and the ability to leverage the synergies between our corporate finance, asset management and advisory activities. Our client base is global and includes governments, multilateral institutions, corporations and financial institutions, as well as development agencies and foundations. Our clients want to work with us because we have a reputation for excellence and consistently deliver top quality outcomes.

Whilst we work across emerging and frontier markets globally, we have a specific focus on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), where our historic experience and local presence gives us a deep understanding of those markets, and their relationship with the development and investor communities. We combine strong macroeconomic skills, and expertise from working with the ratings agencies, MDBs and DFIs, with deep sectoral knowledge in power and infrastructure finance, global health, sustainable finance, impact investing, sovereign advisory, livelihoods, nutrition, real estate, climate and gender finance.

Sustainability is at the core of the work we perform, as is our culture of putting our clients first, delivering outstanding products and services, and upholding the highest professional standards. We understand that financial markets play an important role in supporting economic growth and development, and in addressing the global socio-economic and environmental challenges that this, and future generations, will face. To that end, whilst Lion's Head is a commercial enterprise, we fully understand that long-term profitability can only be achieved through an unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility that goes beyond regulatory and legal compliance, and includes ethical behaviour and philanthropy. All activities undertaken by Lion’s Head reflect these fundamental values.

Asset Management

Lion’s Head is an active investor and fund manager. We are the authorised manager of three pioneering funds, including the African Local Currency Bond Fund, a ground-breaking investment vehicle established to support local currency capital markets and promote economic development in high impact target sectors. We now have over US$400 million of assets under management with investments in 17 African countries, giving us unique insights into local market activity.
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Financial Advisory

Lion’s Head designs innovative and solution-driven financing structures in multiple sectors across a range of instruments and markets. We have recognised expertise in the development and implementation of new fund structures and investment platforms. Services include transaction structuring for debt and equity in the public and private sectors, fund structuring, sovereign advisory, capital raising, bond issuance, market scoping and investment evaluations.
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Capital Raising

We have worked with clients in numerous emerging and frontier markets to raise capital to finance their growth. We help our clients identify their capital needs, optimise capital structures, identify sources of capital, manage risk and execute transactions.

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