About us

Lion’s Head is a specialized merchant bank based in London and Nairobi, focusing on emerging markets and Sub-Saharan Africa. We provide financial advisory services across a range of sectors, including agriculture, health care, education, financial intermediation and infrastructure.


Advisory and structuring

 – Corporate and strategic activities

– Financial valuations

– Due diligence and deal structuring

– Market analysis

 Lion’s Head offers high value added strategic advice to its clients.  We  structure innovative and competitive financing solutions using a range of financial instruments and markets. We match sector expertise in agriculture, infrastructure, renewable energy, financial services, health and education with high level capital markets experience.


We help our clients achieve their goals by providing innovative and targeted solutions. With our deep knowledge of capital markets and extensive experience structuring complex financial solutions, we see innovation as a tool leading to a competitive advantage. This allows us to structure transformational solutions to the challenge of effectively raising and deploying capital in emerging markets.

Tailored and Strategic

We build strategic relationships with our clients, working to establish LHGP as a long-term trusted advisor.  Through our understanding of financial market trends and investor sentiment, we evaluate different markets to meet governments’ specific financing needs. Tailoring for private clients entails designing bespoke corporate and project finance strategies that build on our experience working as principals and network of investors.

Market Driven

We provide the most competitive financing solutions for our clients.  We will evaluate different markets for cost, ease of legal execution and applicability to suggest the most appropriate structure to meet the client’s goals. This advice comes from extensive experience in international capital markets working with sovereigns, sub-national entities and corporates.


Capital raising

– Debt issuance: bonds, loans

– Credit rating advice

– Equity capital raising

– Deal structuring

The challenge of raising capital for Sub-Saharan Africa is substantial. Large projects may find many different interested investors – but small and medium sized businesses are often in uncharted territory. Simultaneously, private investors, funds and foundations looking for projects struggle to find the level of support needed to navigate Africa’s complex risk environment. We have a long track record executing debt and equity issuances for governments, corporations and financial institutions across sectors.

Capital Structure

We work with our clients to evaluate the most effective capital structure that best meets its strategic goals.  This includes a review of the business plan with its risks and opportunities and matching financial instruments with an appropriate risk profile.  We review the targeted capital structure in the context of market conditions and assist our clients in implementing the optimal strategy.  Through our relationships and international experience we have access to a global investors and intermediaries .


We ensure the highest quality execution for all our capital raising activities.  Having been through a number of donor, sovereign and corporate diligence processes on both sides of the table, we are able to work with investors and investees to prepare thorough and transparent due diligence material. We also support our clients in all legal and regulatory aspects of the execution process.

Risk Management

In our capital raising assignments, we assess all of the different risks being borne by the client and provide advice on how best to mitigate them.  Typically these will be market-related risks, which can be mitigated through financial instruments that limit exposure where possible. In some cases, investment in emerging markets also entails legal and reputational risks. We help our clients apply the rigour of global best practice to ensure transparency and legitimacy in all transactions.


Asset management

Lion’s Head has carved out a particular expertise supporting multilateral organisations, governments, foundations and private investors in designing and implementing new fund structures and investment platforms. Our experience covers:

– Assessing region- and sector-specific investment markets

– Designing investment strategies to target opportunities

– Legal and jurisdictional structuring issues

– Mapping and identifying candidate fund managers

– Creating ESG policies and monitoring systems

– Structuring and Managing Funds

Through our affiliated subsidiary, LHGP Asset Management LLP, we engage in asset management activities that drive developmental impact. We have invested proprietary capital in agriculture operations in East Africa and continue to expand our involvement by helping our portfolio companies to grow.

Furthermore, Lion’s Head is the fund manager of the African Local Currency Bond Fund (ALCBF), a ground breaking investment vehicle set up by KFW on behalf of the German Government (BMZ). ALCBF was established to develop local currency capital markets in Africa and promote economic development in certain high impact target sectors.. For more information, see our sister site.