September 2013
Lion’s Head launch Global Health Investment Fund with Gates Foundation and JP Morgan. -->

July 2013
Following latest Mtanga fund raising, Lion’s Head publish update on raising capital for African agriculture. -->

May 2013
Lion's Head raise $6m in capital for Mtanga Farms from South African private equity fund. -->

AFDB and Lion's Head publish guide to local currency bond financing of African infrastructure.

February 2013
Lion’s Head Partner Christopher Egerton-Warburton appointed to the IFFIm Board. -->

Lion’s Head working with the African Development Bank on financing infrastructure through African capital markets. -->

September 2012

Lion’s Head releases IN-FOCUS piece on SMEs in African Agriculture. -->

August 2012
Lion’s Head releases IN-FOCUS piece on Low Cost Private Schools in developing countries -->

July 2012
LHGP acts as financial adviser to Mtanga Farms to raise $1.5m from Voxtra East Africa Agribusiness Fund -->

March 2012
Tanzania's Smallholder Farmers Get New Potato Varieties to Boost Productivity -->


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Lion’s Head is a London based merchant bank.  We provide advisory, financial structuring, capital raising and asset management services.  Our clients are based globally and include governments, multilateral institutions, corporations and financial institutions as well as foundations and development agencies.

Our work is defined by innovation, integrity and building strategic relationships.  We believe if we contribute to the commercial success of our clients, our success will follow.

Our partners have a unique set of skills based on their extensive experience in financial markets.  They bring with them deep and broad relationships and have worked on many landmark transactions in the capital markets.  By leveraging these skills, we are able to provide innovative and effective solutions for our clients.

LHGP Overview